Wednesday, July 04, 2007

LOTW-028, Just the Music Please #2

Looking out the Window, Episode 28 - Just the Music Please #2

I am KEYED up tonight, and just wanted to rip out some great up tempo music for you tonight. So kick back, and enjoy some great songs for the summer!

"Best You Ever Had" - Joe Colledge
"Like I Should Do" - Andres Weise
"After The Pain" - David Grow
"Sweet July" - Natalie Gelman
"Throw Me a Line" - Kevin Reeves

Opening theme... "One Question at at Time" - Van Davis

podsafe music network Some of this episode's music can be found over at the Podsafe Music Network.

Other mentions in this show:
Podsafe Artists! Get involved in the podcast! Contact me at artist [a t ] or use the voicemail line at 206-666-LOOK (5665).

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